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【八寶空間美學】淺嚐簡約敞亮空間 細品縝緻北歐風韻

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設計概念 Design Concept


八寶空間美學 由精簡的環保綠建材,構築一座開放式辦公空間,讓員工在健康、寬敞的環境中熱烈交流,完成團隊合作,同時規劃獨立實驗室及會議區,並重工作的自由與專業性,滿懷熱忱動力迎向每一天的新挑戰。

The brilliant sunlight penetrates the French windows and shines on the light wooden and white-toned settings. The green plants intersperse among the space, and the varying shades of faux painting add vitality to the refreshing Nordic style circumstance. Assort with the combination of different materials such as decorative hardware and frosted glasses skillfully play creative ideas in the seemly plain layout that is worth savoring carefully.

BABO DESIGN exploits refined and simple eco-friendly green building materials to set up an open-patterned office successfully create a healthy and spacious circumstance for the employees to interact smoothly and accomplish team works efficiently. In addition, plan independent laboratories and a conference room, generating unrestrained and professional spaces and delightfully taking on every day's new challenges with enthusiasm and strength.

設計手法 Design Techniques

開放空間 自在辦公
Open-patterned space; home-like office ambiance


Take freedom and flexibility as the core theme of planning the office. Simplify superfluous interior decors and take advantage of the textures of building materials and coatings to present delicate features. Apart from the independent laboratories and the secluded conference room for discussing and thinking, we straightforwardly configure an open-patterned layout. Without being confined to specific seats, the employees can choose their favorite workplace at will and experience the joy of cooperation and achieving goals with team members in an unrestricted and comfortable atmosphere.

敞亮舒適 機能專業
Well-lit agreeable arrangements; exclusive professional features


Take advantage of large-scale French windows to arrange the main office area and the conference room here, making people enjoy the brilliant sunshine. Then, configure a lounge area in the middle of the space, suitable for everyone to take a break and have a laid-back time. We carefully set the four laboratories away from the windows to accurately control the temperature and humidity and lessen the impact of external factors. Exploit clear and frosted glasses to finish the partition walls to keep transparency and privacy simultaneously. Moreover, embed airtight adhesive strips around the doors, and install anode locks that require sensor chips to ensure professionalism and confidentiality.

清新北歐 簡約自然
Refreshing Nordic wind; natural minimal simplicity


Adopt gray-white shades and wood patterns as the base tone, and go with green potted plants to reveal a fresh and pleasant Nordic interior style. Thereupon, the employees who spend long hours using computers and operating experiments can relax and relieve intraocular pressure. Minimize the unnecessary settings in front of the French windows to achieve a more spacious situation. In addition, leave exposed beams and pipelines on the working area ceiling, merely install track lights to keep a high ceiling pattern, and also cut down construction consumable materials.

綠能建材 漆料妝點
Green building materials; captivating decorative coatings


Utilize plenty of low formaldehyde system panels, which are reclaimable and renewable green building materials to construct a healthy environment. In contrast with the pale-toned office, we apply gray faux painting on the feature wall in the reception area to draw out a gradient effect, artfully setting off the striking three-dimensional logo. Exploit the same coating to finish the exterior wall of the conference room, improving the gradational and delicate aesthetics of the unique minimalist space.


Reception area


We exploit two pieces of laminated glass to erect a screen in the reception area, which perfectly keeps privacy and light transmission through the grid pattern. In addition, we opt for half-moon door handles to work in concert with the curvy faux ceiling near the office coffee station.


Office coffee station


We set a smooth arc faux ceiling above the office coffee station to conceal the air conditioner to fashion a concise and comfortable ambiance. And install a long LED strip light on the side, ingeniously extending the visual effect of a narrow and long pattern. We install an IH stove and a sink; set up a broad countertop and an island to facilitate the placement of essential cooking tools and food ingredients so that employees can cook by themselves and eat out less.


Conference room


We painted the exterior wall of the conference room with gray faux finishes and set the arc-shaped sliding doors with frosted glass, skillfully shaping a delightful appearance. In addition, we arrange a long table and a few single chairs outside the conference room to create a multi-functional area to satisfy the needs of holding meetings, eating, and working.


We paste plain wallpaper and adopt a clear white tone to furnish the conference room, brilliantly presenting a well-ordered, spacious, and professional image. Moreover, we design a row of window couches with storage, perfectly retaining the advantages of large French windows and excellent natural lighting, and can also serve as extra seaters while meeting.


Office lounge、working area


We arrange the stylish furniture selected by the proprietor in the office lounge space to create a leisure corner. In the main working area, we install sockets underneath every desktop and wireless network in the whole domain, which is convenient for employees to work and discuss anywhere. Furthermore, we set up a row of low cabinets between the working area and the laboratory to create storage features and a corridor with a smooth moving flow.